EVO Rage-S Gimbal Review

The EVO Rage-S is a 3-axis gimbal designed for compact mirrorless cameras. This would include the likes of the Sony a6500 series, Canon EOS-M series, GoPro, and Nikon Key Mission. 

My first impression of the Rage-S was actually very good. The product is well made and features a CNC aluminum casing and gimbal arm. The build quality of the gimbal itself seems very good, but some of the finishing details seem cheap, for example the joystick button feels flimsy and the remote looks very cheap (but hey, I'm thankful it was included). 

Setting up the Rage-S was also very simple. I balanced it by standing it on a table and balancing the different axises. This took less than 2 minutes, although I am used to this process from using my Ronin MX and various other Steadicam type devices over the years. This was by far the fastest setup I have encountered. I even balanced it without the battery and had to rebalance it after inserting the battery into the a6500 — piece of cake.

After a couple of uses I am sure I will use this gimbal far more than my Ronin-MX. While that still has its place, and can support a much heavier camera, the sheer portability and simplicity of the Rage-S will have me packing it into almost every shoot with my a6500. This likely won't become my A-Camera, but for so much of what I do it makes for a perfect b-cam or "Steadicam."

I have yet to try the Rage-S with a Sony A7RII, but I feel like it would probably hold up to the task.

The big sister of the Evo Rage-S is the EVO Rage which supports cameras up to 4lbs if you need a little more oomph.