Nikon Z7 and Z6 Mirrorless Camera Announcement


Nikon has finally unveiled its new mirrorless camera lineup answering the call of the market currently led by Sony in the race to phase out DSLR cameras. While DSLR's have held onto the professional market to this point this probably marks the tipping point where that will change. 

Advantages to mirrorless cameras include lighter smaller camera bodies, advanced electronic features, silent/quiet shooting, and ability to design new lenses without being tied to existing lens mounts. 


The Nikon Z7 is their debut professional camera featuring a $3399 USD price tag for the body with a 45.7 megapixel sensor, 9fps still shooting, and 4K UHD video capture up to 30fps. Other features include 493 point autofocus and an ISO range of 64-25600. 


 The Nikon Z6 is a 24.5 megapixel camera that gets a slight leg up in low-light high-ISO performance because each pixel is larger than the Z7 on the same size sensor. The Z6 features an ISO range of 100-51200 and 273 autofocus points with a price tag of $2599 USD. Other features include 4K UHD video capture up to 30fps. 

Both cameras feature 10bit N-Log video capture and 120fps recording at 1080p. 

The new Nikon Z offering seems to echo the current offering of Sony with similar features, price and megapixel count to their A7RIII and A7III mirrorless cameras, although slightly larger. Whether Nikon can catch up will largely depend on market adoption and likely what Canon announces later this year. 

The Nikon system will use a new Z mount lens mount and will initially offer a 24-70mm f4, a 35mm prime, and 50mm prime offering. An F-mount to Z-mount adapter will also be available for $250 in the FTZ adapter

The big advantage here is obviously for shooters who already own a host of Nikon lenses. The ability to port them over to the new system and retain all features without buying new lenses will be a major perk to Nikon photographers. 

We're keen to give these cameras a try in the field and will let you know as soon as we do!


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