Panasonic AG-UX180 UX 4K Camcorder

Panasonic announced the new UX series of 4K video cameras at NAB this week. The AG-UX180 is strangely reminiscent of the game changing SD camera the DVX-100 in terms of body form. 

These new UX cameras will feature a single 1" chip, and 4K recording up to 60fps. Variable frame rate recording in 1080P is planned. Slated release is Fall 2016. 

Personally, I loved the DVX-100. It was a great camera in a small form factor that could do almost everything I wanted to back then. I actually miss the simplicity of shooting run and gun with a single fixed lens. While I agree that for cinematic purposes interchangeable lenses and full frame sensors reign supreme, I think there is still a place for a fixed lens smaller sensor camera. 

A 1" sensor comes in at 25mm which places it somewhere between 35mm and 16mm film in depth of field terms. A little more leeway for focus is handy when shooting run and gun in addition to fast moving subjects. 

For interviews, a nice shallow depth of field is still achievable, but on a slightly longer lens and further focal distance. 

The AG-UX180 is said to be priced at under $4000 US, so this should service a wide range of videographers quite well. I'd love to get my hands on one of these to check out!

You can find the current pricing for this camera at BH Photo or Amazon