Sony A7R III XLR-K2M Adaptor Review


While an expensive upgrade, the Sony K2M adaptor basically brings the audio functionality of a broadcast video camera to the Sony A7 series cameras with full manual control over audio functions. While it can be difficult to mount a traditional wireless receiver like the Sennheiser G series wireless without an additional mounting adaptor, the latest generation of Sennheiser AVX wireless microphones are perfect for this application.

A small XLR dongle receiver is attached to the K2M adaptor and broadcast quality balanced audio is now recorded into the camera generated video file making editing and syncing easier than utilizing a separate recorder, and quality better than using an unbalanced 1/8” connector. It’s not a cheap solution, but if you’re looking for the best and most portable solution, I’m pretty convinced that this is it.

Because the form factor of the A7 cameras make external attachments cumbersome without a larger rig, for me it’s best to utilize small microphones and attachments.

I have been striving for the ultimate portable carry-on documentary video kit and the K2M becomes a vital part of that. Here is my dream kit that I am using too keep things light.


  • Takes up the smart shoe and does not have any other mounting capabilities, so mounting an external monitor or recorder needs to be done via an additional cage

  • Uses camera battery power, particularly when using the phantom power function

  • Need to be careful taking the unit on and off the camera as it seems like it could break easily if not treated nicely

  • Can only be used on Sony cameras

  • Relatively expensive for what it is


  • Added balanced XLR Capability straight to camera allowing for both lav and shotgun mic recording

  • Video file includes 2 tracks of synchronized audio

  • Easy to install and remove via camera smart shoe

  • Relatively small form factor

  • Powered by camera, no additional battery required

  • Can provide phantom power

  • Shotgun mic mount included

  • Essentially turns the Sony A7 series cameras into a video camera (also works on a6500, but there are no headphone ports)

  • Can also be used on the Sony FS5 and FS7 to provide 2 additional audio ports

For me, the K2M adaptor brings the functionality of my Sony FS5 (short of built in ND filters and easier ergonomics) to the Sony A7R III mirrorless camera. In my mind if you are serious about creating videos with the A7R III this is a must have piece of equipment, perfect for documentary shooting and getting you in and out of tight places.

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