Sony FS5 RAW Output and Continuous 120fps Paid Upgrades

The Sony PXW-FS5 continues to get better as they release core updates that allow for additional features. Unfortunately these are paid upgrades, but for those seeking better high frame rate recording, or RAW output this should help extend the usable life of the camera. 

The RAW output in particular when paired with a Atomos Shogun Inferno or Ninja Inferno allows for 4K Raw up to 60fps. Internally the camera can record 4 seconds of 4K 120fps which isn't a lot, but for those shooting 4K projects will still be a big plus. 

Continuous 120fps High Frame Rate Upgrade

  • XAVC HD 1080/60p 50Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920x1080 59.94p
  • XAVC HD 1080/30p 25Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920x1080 29.97p
  • XAVC HD 1080/24p 25Mbps / 120fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920x1080 23.98p
  • XAVC HD 1080/50p 50Mbps / 100fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920x1080 50p
    XAVC HD 1080/25p 25Mbps / 100fps Scan Frame-rate @ 1920x1080 25p

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Sony FS5 RAW Output Upgrade

  • Enables FS5 with DCI 4K/2K RAW Recording
  • 4K RAW at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94p
  • 2K RAW at 100-240fps as 23.98-59.94p
  • Simultaneous 4K/2K RAW and XAVC HD
  • 4 Seconds of Cached 4K RAW 100/120 fps
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