TTL for Sony on Elinchrom ELB-500

Elinchrom has now released a firmware update for the Skyport HS, now called Transmitter Pro that enables the TTL function for Sony cameras previously only available to Canon and Nikon users. This update also enables TTL for Olympus cameras. 


Along with TTL HS and HSS (High Sync and High Speed Sync) are now also available. Activation of all the above features requires downloading the Elinchrom firmware update software and connecting the Skyport HS transmitter to your computer. 

TTL is one of the hallmark features of the ELB-500 light allowing the camera to quickly set exposure settings. Switching to manual maintains these settings and allows for a quick baseline from which to make further adjustments.

For more information see the Elinchrom website. 

Elinchrom Software Update

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