Best Ads of Superbowl 51

I'll be honest here. I only watch Superbowl for the ads. I don't even really care too much about the Halftime Show. This year's Superbowl 51 had an interesting mix of sentimental and lightly political that overruled the usually funny outings from some of the big players. There was clearly something different in the air at this year's big game, and Americana was the dominant theme. 

With that said, I'll stay non-partisan and stick to what I think were the truly great ads of this year's ad bowl.

1. Mr. Clean
The usually fresh and innocent Mr. Clean took a turn for the naughty with his booty shaking antics. A nice way of supporting the current women's movement in America in a way that isn't overly politicized. A hilarious side of the shiny crowned domestic guru that we have yet to see.

2. Audi
Audi and Volkswagen always rank high on my list because their commercials tell great little stories. They also manage to do nostalgic without being cheesy. Audi commercials are generally just plain smart — as is this one about a guy imagining how to explain the man dominated world in which we live to his daughter.

3. Bai
Christopher Walken is now a prerequisite for any ad bowl. Without him the show does not go on. Throw in some terrible 90's pop lyrics and Justin Timberlake and this one is a winner.

4. Kia
Melissa McCarthy saves pretty much anything that needs saving in the environment and gets plenty beaten up in the process. After her hilarious turn as Sean Spicer she is the hot ticket right now, but let's face it — have you ever seen anything with Melissa McCarthy that wasn't funny?

5. Sprint
Dad fakes his own death to get out of his contract with the competitor. Just plain funny really and everyone hates a good cel phone contract.

Unlike everyone else I don't like the John Malkovich Squarespace commercial. T-Mobile had a couple of funny ones, most notably the kink and the Martha Stewart meets Snoop Dogg, but what was with the Bieber commercial? It was a hit and miss outing for them.