Configuring an ISNIC .IS Domain For Squarespace

Configuring an ISNIC .IS Domain For Squarespace

Recently I registered a .is domain for a project, but after that there was not much to tell me how to get it to work! 

I prefer to use Squarespace at the moment, and a workaround is required for this as the ISNIC domain registrar does not allow you to modify CNAME, A Record, MX Record in the DNS settings. In the ISNIC control panel you are only allowed to specify nameservers which works great for a Wordpress installation, but not for Squarespace.

Here are the steps:

  • Register the domain at
  • You will need to wait up to a few hours for them to confirm your registration.
  • You will need to subscribe to DNS hosting somewhere. For me I used GoDaddy as I register all of my other domains there and this keeps things in one place. Under the DNS tab of the Domain Management panel select "add DNS hosting." From here you will be issued nameservers to input into your ISNIC domain control panel
  • Take the nameserver information supplied by GoDaddy and input the nameservers into the appropriate fields under the "Redelegate" tab. 
  • In the Squarespace control panel go to Settings > Domains and opt for "use a domain I already own." You will be prompted for the domain name and to select the registrar. Now select GoDaddy and input your credentials when prompted. Your DNS records will be modified accordingly.

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