Account Hack

Sometime between my last booking in late April 2017 and now in early June 2017 my account seems to have been compromised. 

I attempted to login from multiple devices and could not. It seemed maybe I had changed my password, which I couldn't recall, but hey it's a possibility. I eventually clicked login with Facebook which effectively created me a new account in which none of my information was available. I tried my other email addresses and nothing. 

I called customer service and was given the explanation that my account had been closed which I definitely had not done. Beyond that they provided no explanation only saying that they would escalate my issue and have my reward stays credited to my new account. 

I had about 3 free nights in the queue and one close to accrual. I also had three or four years worth of history that would have been nice to keep. 

I have used often as I like the flexibility it provides for accruing and utilizing free nights. In fact I have held gold status for a number of years and have redeemed 14 or so free nights. 

In the past I have had a couple of booking issues but all have been dealt with by satisfactorily so I have continued on with them. While I prefer to stay in smaller boutique hotels, the merged loyalty program with Starwood/Marriott is starting to look more and more appealing.