I bought my first video camera, an RCA Video8 camcorder, from Woolco (a now defunct department store) in 1992 with my paper route money — I was 11 years old. If I recall correctly it was about $700 Canadian.

At the time I only had experience using my grade 4 teacher's Sony Digital 8 camcorder with 8x zoom, and also at the time, that was a big deal.

The point of this meander is to say that my interest in motion pictures began a long time ago. Since then I have learned the basics in a still photo darkroom, graduated from Vancouver Film School, worked in film and TV (X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Smallville + more), and have successfully run my own creative video and photo business for over ten years.

It has been quite a ride, but I still love it. Ultimately it is my endless curiosity about what makes people tick that keeps me going. 

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