2nd Annual Penticton Arts Council Awards

2nd Annual Penticton Arts Council Awards
Thank you again to the Penticton Arts Council for a great evening celebrating the arts in Penticton, and for the nice piece of mantlepiece hardware!
My seventh grade teacher told my parents that I had no artistic ability whatsoever because I couldn’t draw, and that is something that stuck with me for a long time, so it is very nice to be recognized amongst a group of exceptionally talented people from this place that I love so much.
The diverse creative community in Penticton has always astounded me. I’ve seen some of the most inspiring artwork and performances that I have seen anywhere in the world right here at home, in this place that many people have never heard of. It was great to see so many familiar faces under one roof celebrating each other’s artistic achievements, and as someone who doesn’t really travel in a pack, it reminded me that community is a powerful thing and something I should strive to be more a part of.
Thanks again to everyone and congratulations to all of the nominees and winners from last night. It’s truly a privilege to be included with you all.

Chris Stenberg is a Canadian researcher, filmmaker and photographer specializing in the expression of cultural understanding through film and photography. He is the founder of VideoResearch, a documentary research and production agency; and The Photo Lesson, a place to learn photography online.