A Tofu Themed Lunch in Kurashiki's Old Town

After a week of eating myself into a new pant size, a light tofu lunch was a welcome change. Kurashiki Bikan is the historical quarter of Kurashiki City, and a somewhat delightfully touristy enclave of creativity. My press trip to Japan had generously featured epic meal after epic meal, so when the option came up for something simpler it was a welcome change.

Steaming hot on the inside and crunchy on the outside Agedashi Tofu is the centre of the meal. Some pork karaage and a delicious inari tofu curd roll with some cabbage, rice, and miso soup make up the rest of the meal.

The owners of the restaurant spoke little English, which I have to admit made for a more authentic feeling than some of the tourist-centric restaurants I had eaten in over the past week — all of which I must say had excellent food, but there is something about a quaint restaurant catering to a Japanese audience that is satisfying.

Tofu in Japan is unlike tofu in North America. It is flavourful, fresh, and burrata like in texture. I would consider it to be a delicacy in its own right — particularly if you are used to the grocery store variety that bares almost no similarity, and is certainly unworthy of comparison.

とうふ料理 鎌田屋

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