Air Canada Altitude


Air Canada's Elite / Super Elite program has been replaced by the new Air Canada Altitude Program. The biggest change in the program is to those who previously qualified for the Air Canada Elite level of status at 35,000 miles. Formerly this entitled you to Star Alliance Gold privileges which include priority airport services, check-in, and lounge access internationally, but now nets you only Star Alliance Silver status, which means none of these will be available to you internationally.

Within Canada, however, Air Canada has maintained the 35k flyer privileges at a high level, so it will still be possible to fly 35,000 miles and utilize priority check-in and lounges domestically.

Personally I wonder whether it will be worth chasing points in the program to reach 50k status or not as they continue to take privileges away from frequent flyers. In the upper tier categories like 100k Super Elite and the new 75k category much remains unchanged.