Canon C300 Camera

Canon has been absolutely owning the DSLR market since the introduction of the Canon 5DmkII, but there video lineup has been a little lackluster. While the Canon DSLRs were a revolution in interchangeable lens videography, they still lack the features of a professional video camera, and Canon's professional video lineup lacks the cinematic look of the large sensor DSLR. Canon-C300-Camera-2 Canon-C300-Camera-3

Enter the Canon EOS C-300. At $20,000 USD it's not cheap, but this is not your average handicam. With a resolution up to 4K, professional video functionality, and an arsenal of Canon photography lenses this camera is the most direct competitor to the indie cinema darling RED Cam. The small form factor makes it great for run & gun, and the ability to record up to 160 minutes to dual compact flash cards makes this a big contender in the indie digital cinema realm.

Ultimately I need to try this to see how it functions in the real world, but from a distance it looks like a solid effort from Canon.



Also check out this short film by Vincent LaForet shot on the C300.