Chok Barcelona


Chök is like some sort of proverbial donut orgy — Catalan style. If you can imagine a sexier version of Juliette Binoche in Chocolat dipping fried donuts into viscous hot liquid chocolate and then lovingly applying an array of delectable toppings then this is your weird fantasy come true. 

Located just off La Rambla in the cosmopolitan Barcelona this is a quick tourist stop and worth every pound you'll gain. You will be back here more than once.

I'm not sure why, but Barcelona could possibly be the Donut capital of the world. From Dunkin' Donuts to hipster grain-fed free range donuts, Barcelona and Chök in particular has it all. 

Of particular delectability is their penchant for the cronut — a croissant based donut and generally mouth watering piece of amazingness. 

If you're in Barcelona you should make the effort to go here. Think Chocolat meets Vicky Cristina Barcelona

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