Coffee Collective Copenhagen

Coffee Collective is regarded in fine coffee circles as a world leader. One of the first to embrace sustainability and socially ethical practices, they have led the way for positive change in an industry that the general public largely takes for granted.

As I read in one of the shops, and I am paraphrasing a bit, "coffee is consumed by the wealthy, but produced by the poor." 

I had never thought about it that way before, but yes, that is the case absolutely. Through direct relationships with growers, and slightly higher pricing, Coffee Collective seeks to better balance this equation.

In Copenhagen there are several places to enjoy Coffee Collective coffees, one of which is at the roastery in Frederiksberg, the other at the Torvehallerne Market, and my favourite at the original Norrebro location. The easiest to access, however, is to grab a nice pour over at Torvehallerne near the Norreport Station where you can also pick up some baking at Laura's, or head over to Grød for a nice bowl of porridge. 

Lattes and other drinks are also great at CC, but the pour over coffees here are exquisite and worth the wait if you have time. If you haven't yet had a pour over single origin type coffee then you really should one day. It's not something to drink everyday as it is kind of pricey and time consuming, but it is similar to the difference between really nice wine and average or terrible wine. Well worth it.