Comfort Inn Edgerton

My travels take me to a wide range of places.

Sometimes they take me to places I have never heard of like Edgerton, Wisconsin. Strangely, these are sometimes the trips I enjoy most. While I enjoy the bedding at the Fairmonts and the Westins of the world, sometimes I like the time-lapse effect of a good old fashioned small town motel — chalk it up to a cultural experience.

My few nights at the Comfort Inn Edgerton saw me drink some local Spotted Cow craft beer, look through magazines and eat beef jerky at the nearby gas station, run near the lake down some country road, eat the Butter Burger at Culver's, eat more burgers at The Anchor Inn, and eat at some incredible little Mexican joint called El Patron in downtown Edgerton. 

The coffee was average and there was some serious excavating going on outside my window early in the morning and late at night, but I enjoyed it for what it was.


SleepChris StenbergWisconsin, USA