Crappy Airport Ramen at YYZ


Ramen is a food made for people in a hurry. Noodles, broth, slurp, eat, go is pretty much how it goes no matter where you’re getting your ramen fix.

The Bento chain of fast food sushi restaurants has an outpost in the YYZ Pearson Toronto Airport, and one cold winter day I thought I would give it a go. I tried to let go of all my pretences around what ramen and enjoy this for what it is, but ultimately eating ramen out of a paper to-go container felt a bit sacrilegious.

Ultimately the pork broth with it’s pork chashu and fish cake resembled any decent ramen, but it was prepared in such a lacklustre way that it could have come from a vending machine. It’s not so much that it tasted horrendous, but it is actually the ceremony around ramen that makes it so great. It’s about knowing its maker and tasting the individual nuances of the chef.

When it comes from a package it just ain’t the same, and so I guess all ramen is not created equal.