Cycling in Copenhagen

CKS_7256-Copenhagen-Girl-on-Bike One of the best parks of Copenhagen is cycling around the city. It is relatively flat, with segregated bike lanes, and well marked positions on the road. There are also separate traffic signals for bikes, and everybody seems to know what's happening. Even a relative rookie cyclist could feel comfortable riding here. It's a wonderful way to get around, and there is a legitimate bicycle rush hour here. All in all it makes for some fit looking people, and an extremely environmentally conscious way of life. The benefits are truly endless.

This photo was shot using a Canon 5D Mark 3 w/35mm f2 IS USM lens.

Chris Stenberg is a Canadian researcher, filmmaker and photographer specializing in the expression of cultural understanding through film and photography. He is the founder of VideoResearch, a documentary research and production agency; and The Photo Lesson, a place to learn photography online.