Dollar Shave Club Canada Review When I first saw the video, I immediately wanted to sign up for Dollar Shave Club. It’s such a clever piece of viral marketing, and it scratches an itch that was tucked so far away in the nether regions that it almost seemed impossible to scratch — until now.

The collective male hatred toward razor blade refill purchases is so vast, that it’s almost not spoken of, but when I see another man in the razor aisle you can almost feel each other's pain.

Every time I buy a pack of Schick or Gillette refills for $24+ I cringe. Let’s be honest, it hurts, and it rates higher than socks and underwear on the scale of things that I hate buying. Enter Dollar Shave Club.

While the promise of razors for an insanely cheap monthly fee seems almost to good to be true, the thought of saving money on this necessity that is dominated in the marketplace by two companies seems worth the effort. Even if it only saves me $10 per month.

So in an attempt to determine whether Dollar Shave Club actually lives up to its claim, I signed up to give it a go. At the moment they offer 3 different razors. Here's how it all breaks down.

General Notes My first shipment showed up within a week of ordering. Awesome. It also came with some goofy paraphernilia that reminded me of when I signed up for the Frosted Flakes club as a kid. Simple, funny, and effective.

The two upper tier razors, the 4x and The Executive, both use the same unique metal handle and blade attachment. The Humble Twin uses a cheaper plastic handle and blade attachment.

The Humble Twin I have yet to actually try this one, but my friend is using it. He says the handle is cheap (and yes it feels cheap) and he prefers the Gillette Sensor Excel handle that he was using. The blade itself is comparable. I opted against this one because I feel like cheap razors exist at Wal Mart, etc. The real savings in my mind were in the more expensive blades.

The 4x The quality of the shave from this blade is as good as my Schick Quattro Ti blade; however it lacks a trimming blade, which I find extremely useful. If they could put a trimming blade on this razor I would be loyal forever.

The Executive I will say that for my face the executive is a little chunky, and the trimmer blade is not as accessible and easy to use as my Schick Quattro Titanium, so I have trouble getting up around under my nose. The quality of the overall shave, however, is excellent. I like this one, but the razor head is a little too big for detailed shaving around the mouth / under the nose.

Is Dollar Shave Club Worth It? Well, at the end of the day, saving 50% on razors amounts anywhere from $7-12 per month. This isn't going to change too much in my life, but I am all for supporting the little guy. Gillette and Schick have dominated this space forever, and I like the idea of supporting the competition. One thought is that by changing blades more often I may actually be spending equal or more money, but at least my face will be smoother and less irritated. DSC also offers the option to ship razors every other month on the "not so hairy plan."

So assuming that there is a savings, I will take that extra money every year and spend it on something more fun than razors. If you found the information in this post useful, and you're thinking of signing up.

Please feel free to use my referral link which will get me razors for a month. Shaving karma will love you for it, and so will I.