Dossier Hotel Portland


Upon check-in at the Dossier Hotel in Portland, I had this creeping deva-vu feeling. A short walk out to the food truck park a block away confirmed this sentiment — I’ve been here before. On my only other trip to Portland in 2008 or 2009, I had stayed in the exact same building under a different moniker. What is now the Dossier Hotel used to be the Westin Portland. Once I had ascertained my continued sanity I was free to enjoy the amenities.

The Dossier is a well appointed hotel somewhere between a hipster boutique hotel and an old fashioned social club. It has just enough charisma to satisfy any desires for creative decor, but with the comfort of a big chain hotel. An artistic social commentary painting of Her Majesty the Queen of England adorns the wall in the lobby lounge, and the place has just enough sophistication to make you feel like a Double-O agent.

Huge showers are a plus, as is The Opal Restaurant and Bar downstairs. Normal marching orders for me are to never eat in the hotel, but in this case I make an exception. For the weary traveller, this hotel actually has interesting food and drink combined with a good times vibe.

Up the street is the artisanal coffee favourite Heart Coffee Roasters, and there are a handful of good restaurants and bars within walking distance, in addition to the massive food truck park down the block.

Pricing was reasonable for a downtown location with my stay coming in at $150-$200 per night. The shower in my room alone made the stay at Dossier worth the visit.

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