Farrow Sandwiches and Coffee - Edmonton


Edmonton is full of surprises that I didn’t expect, the least of which was a little sandwich joint called Farrow. My friends Jesse and Fabs unequivocally agreed that I had to try The Grick, which may singlehandedly be the messiest and most deliciously yolky sandwich that I have ever eaten.

Soft, flour dusted bread sops up the yolk from the over easy egg inside. Arugula and thick sliced bacon round out the flavour patrol to create an oddly satisfying breakfast nirvana.

I think we're about to see a yolky revolution if this breakfast sandwich is any indication of trends to come. A breakfast sandwich of this calibre is rare, and it also underscores my thoughts on places that use a panini press to prepare their hot sandwiches. The panini press in my mind exists only to serve us stale bread. This is what I want — soft, airy, and fresh.

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