Grød Copenhagen Porridge Restaurant


(photos by me: C.K. Stenberg)

If an ecological porridge house doesn't sound like a good time, you're clearly not Danish, or open minded enough. Capitalizing on a tradition of bread and grains, the restaurant Grød is a haven for amazing breakfasts of oats, spelt, or other grains mixed with Icelandic yogurt, nuts, fruits, and seeds. It's absolutely delicious.

By morning it may be porridge, but come afternoon and evening, a variety of other interesting Danish takes on world grain cuisine are available. Dal, congee, and risotto all grace the menu with a touch of Danish fresh produce and practicality. Prices here are reasonable, the coffee is good, and the atmosphere is delightful and charming.

This is the perfect place to start your day indoors or enjoying the sun out on the sidewalk terrace in the gentrified Nørrebro neighbourhood, and if you're skeptical, don't knock it until you try it. Porridge could be the new foie gras.

Grød Jægersborgggade 50, Copenhagen, Denmark

Grød-Copenhagen-Norrebro-Stenberg-7198 Grød-Copenhagen-Norrebro-Stenberg-7202