Hotel Gault Montreal

I arrived at the Hotel Gault in Old Montreal, or Le Vieux Port en Francais, tired from an inbound flight from the west coast, yet Feeling rather peckish and awake due to the time difference. My last trip here saw a similar scenario in which I wandered the streets until 3am in search of the best poutine. This trip however, I just didn't have the joie de vivre for such tasks, so let's just say my expectations were low as I pullet up to the hotel at around 1:15am local time. 

Generally I don't like being fussed over, or treated to five star service. It makes me feel awkward having doors opened for me, and having people insist on taking my bags, but as I bumbled up the stairs with my gear filled large suitcase, it was a relief to have the night manager assist me up the short, but large concrete steps into the old stone building.

This was followed by some additionally incredible service as I was offered a drink and a seat while I checked in, rather than standing at the counter and waiting. I ended up opting for a glass of wine instead of tea, and a light snack was prepared for me by the only person on duty that night. We had a great chat, and the entire check-in procedure took over an hour. I'm sure it could have been expedited exponentially, but it was nice to have a conversation and glass of wine in the vaulted lobby with the fire going in the background after a long day of travel. 

So far this hasn't been anything informative about the actual hotel, but in some ways it has. My entire experience at Hotel Gault was exceptional. This 30 room boutique hotel in the heart of Old Montreal is close to some great dining, the Basilica Notre Dame, and a short walk/ride to the rest of Montreal. The service here is 5 star, and the rooms themselves are luxuriously inspiring from a visual standpoint.

While it may be tough to book this hotel during the busy season due to the low volume of rooms, Hotel Gault will be top of my list on my next return to Canada's sexiest city.