Kettle River Brewing Kelowna

While BNA Brewing is the anchor of the Kelowna craft brewing scene, Kettle River brings it some much needed street cred.

More akin to the Tofino Brewing, or Yellow Dog's of BC in its locale and vibe, Kettle Valley feels the industrial neighbourhood niche by making some nice beers in a building of exceptionally low pretence. 

On tap for our visit was a Belgian, a fresh hop blonde, a Stout, and a Gooseberry Gose — all of which will not likely exist on my next visit according to the website. 

What I love about craft beer in BC is the energy and passion for doing weird and quirky things. Kettle River ensures that with a room full of Waldo look-a-likes, and I mean that in the best way possible. The beer is good and the people are friendly — throw in some Crasian Food Truck Grilled KimCheese and I'm good to go. 

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