Lolo San Francisco


I’ll keep this commentary to the food, and less to how the neighbourhood has changed. Lolo would be relatively inconspicuous if it wasn’t for the line of people spilling onto the sidewalk waiting for a seat at this hip Valencia Street eatery. It’s brunch, and let’s face it, getting up late on weekends for a mimosa laden brunch has become tragically hip…in a very enjoyable self-indulgent sort of way.

Lolo is painfully cool. Decorated in a way that makes you think that you almost could have done it yourself had you had this much imagination, the walls are adorned with Day of the Dead themed paper mache, bike tires, and skulls. It’s eclectic, visually stimulating, and kind of awesome.

The line outside tells me that I should want to eat here. I hate line-ups, but let’s face it, it’s generally a sign of good quality.

I power through a first rate Huevos Rancheros, and then decide it would be wise to sample the lunch menu also. The fish tacos are everything I hope for. Crunchy, spicy, creamy all tucked into a blanket of soft warm corn tortilla.

I’m eating alone, but can’t stop staring at the walls. This place is a designer’s dream. The walls come to life, and as I enter my second brunch beer after a long week on the road with little more left to do than sit on a plane the people watching becomes fascinating also as the socialites of the Saturday Mission gather after a presumably long week also.

Lolo is decidedly non-traditionally Mexican — a true California meets Mexico kind of melding. The food is delicious. The drink menu spectacular. The crowd worth ogling.

I will be back one day soon.

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