Native Shoes Apollo Moc


After another summer in Natives, I'm stoked for the release of the latest in the line-up: The Apollo Moc. A new departure from the original Converse-meets-Crocs style, the Apollos are making a splash all over the interwebs. Having a close connection to the brand, and still not being able to get a pair is extra frustrating, and makes me want a pair even more (marketers take note).

Until then, I finish off Summer / Fall in my tried and trusted Jeffersons, which have trotted the globe with me this year in place of flip flops. Why you ask? Well, even if you didn't ask, it's because they are light, easy to stuff in a small suitcase, sandal like in comfort, and easier to walk around in than flip flops for a day. I'm looking forward to these future classics when I can get my hands on them.