Native Shoes: Hipster Crocs?


I heard about Native Shoes through a friend and decided to check them out. I've never been a Crocs fan, but that's because they're fugly. The Natives, however, look like Crocs with steroid street appeal. It's like a combo of a Croc and a Converse sneaker.

Native shoes are kind of like Crocs for hipsters. Somebody at the bar told me about them and I thought “hey, cool, I like Crocs. Better check ‘em out!”

Just kidding. I hate Crocs, but I kind of want to slide a pair onto my feet. There has got to be a reason why people sacrifice their dignity to be seen in them.

Perhaps it’s like sex for your feet. You don’t care how dumb you look while you’re flailing away shouting out how great it feels, but after, it’s just a bit awkward. It’s akin to yelling something stupid at the exact moment the crowded room goes silent.

Anyway, I’m willing to give the  Native Shoes a go. I’m hoping they’ve taken the “foot-sex” aspect of the Crocs and applied a Converse like “O-face” to it.

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There you have it!

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