OKV Okanagan Vineyards Red Wine

2008 VintageTasted: January 2011

This is one of those surprising finds on the shelf at the BC Liquor Store. OKV (Okanagan Vineyards) is a product of Vincor and is made at the same facility as the Jackson Triggs wines. I picked this bottle up at Taylorwood Wines in Yaletown for $8.99 which is dead cheap for a BC wine, particularly a BC VQA wine.

The OKV maybe leftover run-off from the other wines that Vincor produces, but it's not bad! If you consider the price it's actually damn good. It's certainly drinkable and not a bad bottle to open for bottle #3 or on a Tuesday night. It has a lot of cherry and raspberry flavours, easy tannins, and a very light vanilla note on the finish. This may be the first decent "table wine" from BC, and it even carries the VQA distinction. Allegedly the grapes are even from Canada. I can't see how you would go wrong with this one.

OKV also makes the Little Doe Red served at Mr. Mikes which I would suspect is near identical to this one.


OKV-Red-Wine-1 OKV-Red-Wine-2