Organic Purpose Theme - Change Logo Size

I fought with this particular Wordpress template from Organic Themes for quite a while. I like everything else about the template, but the masthead logo is limited to a square 120x120 pixel block. Almost all of my own logos, and client logos are rectangular. To solve this problem, login to your Wordpress installation, and go to Appearance > Editor. Select Stylesheet.css to edit.

From here:

  • Find┬áthe #header #logo section, and then change the width value to something other than 16%. I chose 85% for mine. The site title and the logo will now overlap
  • Change the #header .site-title font-size to 0em (basically non-existent)
  • Click update.

That is a quick and dirty way to get the logo to work in something other than a square.


Chris Stenberg is a travelling filmmaker and photographer who works with some of the world's most influential brands. In his spare time he eats apples from trees, spends time with his family, and goes biking and boarding in the mountains of British Columbia.