Penticton Craft Beer

Photo: Chris Stenberg for  BC Ale Trail

Photo: Chris Stenberg for BC Ale Trail

Penticton has an interesting craft brewing history which began before the "craft" moniker had been bestowed on the little brewing industry.

Breweries like Tin Whistle and Cannery Brewing were small start up breweries with a loyal following of their uncommon beers like the Killer Bee and Blackberry Porter. Matt Phillips also started at a now defunct small brewery in Penticton before going on to start what is arguably BC's most recognizable craft brewery: Phillips Brewing of Victoria.

The Fest of Ale has also been a long standing tradition in Penticton with people coming from all over the province to celebrate small breweries and beer culture for over 25 years. While in the past there were a handful of local BC breweries and a bulk of imported craft brews, the festival now boasts an almost entirely provincial brewing selection — a testament to how many breweries have taken root in BC in recent years.

Penticton with it’s fantastic climate, natural amenities, proximity to Vancouver and Calgary, and abundant oenological resources is also home to a great beer scene. As of 2019 Penticton is home to:

That’s seven breweries in a town that only takes 45 minutes to walk end-to-end, all set in between two lakes in some of Canada’s most favourable temperatures. If you go to all of them you should be walking!

Video shot and edited by Chris Stenberg for Travel Penticton