Red Light Ramen — Nelson, BC

Ramen in Nelson?

There is no way that any Japanese person would have named their restaurant Red Light Ramen. The impossible mix of syllables would just be downright cruel (I can say this as I'm half Japanese and it is blatantly the truth); however, Red Light Ramen manages to capitalize on the noodle trend in a way that is almost way to cool for the Ramen traditionalist anyway. 

Located in a back alley behind Baker Street, Red Light features live music and turntables accompanied by pork broth and noodles. It is actually kind of like a match made in heaven. The cocktail list here is worth a look if you're looking for some late night libation and you can't go wrong with the halfway decent selection of Japanese Whiskey. Beer is of course a given with a selection of local craft and big in Japan breweries on the list. 

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