Ryoko's Sushi San Francisco


The first time I ate at Ryoko’s I landed in San Francisco late and ravenous. A quick Google search of places to eat late at night revealed Ryoko’s Sushi on Taylor between Post and Sutter just up from Union Square. It was a little shabby, in the basement, but there was a line up the steps and out the door. Hip beats from the DJ perched on top of the rickety grand piano called to me as much as the smell of gyoza sizzling in the kitchen.

Since then I’ve been back a dozen times and have made it a mandatory stop on every trip since.

Sushi at its finest is fresh, clean and simple. That is exactly what you’ll find here. The chefs at Ryoko’s execute at an extremely high level, and the subterranean atmosphere adds to the experience defying expectation across the board.

My favourite when they have it is the Mackerel (Aji) when they have it, and the other market specials always hit the spot.

While Ryoko’s definitely carries a Japanese sensibility with it, it is a decidedly younger and hipper one. Throw in a little 90’s hip hop and you have yourself a sushi party, not to mention one of the best sushi restaurants in the USA.

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