Sightglass Coffee San Francisco

Sightglass in the Tenderloin is one of my favourite coffee shops in the world. San Francisco has a number of exceptional roastery cafes, but Sightglass kind of takes the cake in my mind. 

For one, the coffee is great. If you have time, grab a pour-over and pen your great novel staring down on the herds of people from the second story mezzanine. The baking here is also very very good. Savoury scones and gougeres abound! 

Perhaps my favourite thing about Sightglass is actually the people. Maybe if you're from The Bay Area this may not be a big deal, but when you're from elsewhere it feels like you are surrounded by people about to change the world. Hanging around at Sightglass you get the sense that the table next to you is creating the next great app or social revolution. 

San Francisco has an incredible creative culture and the energy is obvious at Sightglass.

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Chris Stenberg is a Canadian researcher, filmmaker and photographer specializing in the expression of cultural understanding through film and photography. He is the founder of VideoResearch, a documentary research and production agency; and The Photo Lesson, a place to learn photography online.