Sushi Kojo Ramen — Penticton


Being half-Japanese my heritage dictates that I eat copious amounts of Ramen.

For those unfamiliar, Ramen is a stringy noodle delicacy fit for the everyday man/woman, usually bathed in a broth of either pork, chicken, or soy. The hot, salty goodness warms the soul in a way that cannot be properly articulated. The Japanese describe this indescribable next-level-awesomeness-flavour using the word Umami. Think of it like the sixth sense, only instead of seeing dead people, you see stars as your eyes roll back in your head.

Being half-Japanese and living in a town not known for its cultural diversity also dictates that I eat an unhealthy amount of Sapporo Ichiban instant noodles — until recently that is. Penticton has joined the Ramenaissance, and Sushi Kojo is at the forefront. While there are other options in town (Sushi Genki, Kitchen Kura, and at times Little Tokyo Ramen Food Truck), Kojo is consistently the best, at least in the Ramen department.

Their Kojo Ramen features a chicken broth, which usually I am not as partial to, but in this case I quite enjoy. The usual fixings also accompany including: chashu pork, hard-boiled egg, green onions, bean sprouts, and nori (seaweed). The result, all served in a massive and somewhat ridiculous bowl, is delicious.

My daughter has taken a liking to Ramen, which was solidified by a recent trip to Japan, so now we have a place that we can go for our noodle dates. I apologize in advance for the mess.


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