The Birds and the Beets

Clever name aside, The Birds and the Beets made good on its promise of chicken and veg. My sandwich was delicious, the staff friendly and the coffee on point with just the right amount of brick and plaid shirts.

After spending the afternoon working at the Trade & Convention Centre I hoofed it to Gastown's outer edge where it might technically be Railtown to escape the financial district madness and throngs of convention-goers. While I sat and ate my sandwich I overheard the counter staff listing off the Vancouver dining scene's recent obituaries many of which were ├╝ber trendy and short lived. I had been to and come to like a couple of them. Maybe I'll even miss them. 

It's one of the unfortunate things about the restaurant industry that inspiration and perspiration are not always enough on their own. 


A great chicken and veg sandwich on fresh bread however should be enough to stay afloat on if the people know what's good for them. 

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