The Breslin


In an ever changing Manhattan restaurant scene it's difficult for a man of creature comforts to find a groove, but I think The Breslin might be here to stay.

Located at The Ace Hotel in Midtown, the hip crowd that hangs out here demand a kind of Bourdain-esque menu. Words like confit, leg, shank, and stuffed adorn the menu. Craft beer isn’t a question here, and the wine list straddles the line between au naturel and just plain well made.

I’m in from a rainy evening on the Manhattan streets and it feels like just what I need. While oysters or shank would normally be appealing, it’s a Char-grilled Lamb Burger kind of a night. The menu seems like something Al Swearengen would have served up at The Gem back in the day — no-nonsense, nose to tail kind of fare followed up with a rye based concoction — in this case given the kitschy moniker “Gimme the Loot.”

My burger satisfies all cravings and sends me back into the rainy streets of Manhattan ready for further exploration. My only contemplations are why so many people hang out in The Ace Hotel lobby, and why I have to sift through them to use the toilet. Otherwise I’ll be back.

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