The Ramen Butcher Vancouver

The Ramenaissance is in full swing all over the world, and Vancouver is jumping on board with a host of new Ramen spots all over town. Previous favourites like Kintaro and Menya might have a run for their money with the likes of The Ramen Butcher opening in town. 

Greeted by the comforting whine of an authentically Japanese "irashaimasen" I knew The Butcher was going to be great. While they have a range of Ramen here including Tsukemen, I opt for the traditional Tonkotsu as the ultimate bar test. Like real professionals, they ask me if I would like lean or fatty soup. Like a professional eater I would only consider fatty. 

The broth is creamy and excellent with hints of ginger throughout, and the noodles are also first rate. Add in the fact that the Ramen Butcher serves some of the best local beer from Postmark and 33 Acres alongside the usual Sapporo and Asahi traditional accompaniment and you have yourself a winner. 

The Ramen Butcher is sure to make my "places I always go to" list. 

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