The Ramenman Vancouver

The west slope of Robson Street toward Denman is probably the Ramen capitol of Vancouver with its abundance of noodle shops. Some are old favourites like Gyoza King while others are new like Toronto transplant Ramen Santouka. Then there are the other new startups like The Ramenman. 

The Ramenman is just off Robson on Bidwell and notably favours chicken broth over the ubiquitous Tonkotsu pork broth. While some would find this sacrilegious, it might just be a way to innovate in a now hyper competitive market.

I opted for a fairly straightforward chicken broth with a medium boiled soy egg — worth it all on its own if you ask me. The broth was light and somewhere between traditional ramen, and if you can make the parallel between chicken noodle soup without offence, and that. 

Delicious all around.