Walla Bakery Penticton

In Penticton some friends and I have a tradition. We go for an epic run, usually in the winter, and then follow it up with one of this little town's best kept secrets: chowing down on the most epic pastrami sandwich from Walla Artisan Bakery and Cafe in The Cannery building. 

The run serves two purposes: one, stave off winter weight; two, make room for the absolutely gigantic sandwich. 

This is arguably one of the best lunch places in Penticton. It's so uncool that it might actually become — god forbid — cool, but that's not the point. Everything here is done in a very traditional and methodical way. Here you'll find some of the best bread to take home, and lunch to eat in anywhere in town, and there's something delightful about how out of the way it is. 

To go to Walla, you have to find it inside the quirky old building that once housed the canning operation for all of the local fruit in the area. Now it houses one of the town's best bakeries. Don't come here in a rush. Put your phone away and enjoy the meal.