Whistler Ironman Canada Photos 2014

I was up in Whistler filming interviews and pro athlete tips for Kicker Endurance, but also nabbed some photos along the course. As someone who has spent at least one full day in various capacities at Ironman for the last 10 years, I have to say that Whistler is putting on a great show. The crowd is great, the village amenities close by are great for spectators, the multi-lap run course is fun to watch, and overall it is just a spectacular place for a race.  

 The swim start at Ironman Whistler




Early morning mist on the water at Alta Lake for Ironman Canada, Whistler.




Ironman time record holder Marino Vanhoenacker takes early command of the field on the bike course




Trevor Wurtele just over an hour into the bike portion of Ironman Canada




Jeff Symonds looking strong and focused on the bike course at Ironman Whistler


Ironman-Canada-Whistler-2014-Bike-2-CKS_8427 Ironman-Canada-Whistler-2014-Medivac-Airlift-CKS_8528 Ironman-Canada-2014-Marino-Vanhoenacker-CKS_8435 Ironman-Canada-2014-Jeff-Symonds-CKS_8507





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