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An Ode to Tsukiji

My first visit to Tsukiji was ill advised. I was 19 years old and had been living in Tokyo for two months. They say to visit Tsukiji on your first day or two in Japan as the jet lag will help with the early start to catch the early morning action in the market. My girlfriend at the time had just arrived in Japan and had never left Canada before. First thing the next morning we made it through the maze of subways to Tsukiji. 

The combined aroma of every kind of fish and diesel fumes plus the commotion proved to be too much — she became instantly nauseous. Unfortunately for us inexperienced tourists Tsukiji was and continues to be an actual working fish market with real working fisherman bathrooms. Kneeling on the dirty wet floor whatever contents of the meal from her United Airlines flight the day before were let loose into the filthy recessed bowl in the floor. 

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